Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day 11: Ejecta (2014) 1h 22min

Ejecta is the equivalent of a really fucked up episode of the X-Files minus Gillian Anderson's eye rolls at everything.  Our main person (William) is played Julian Richings.  You may remember him from something you've seen a million times but can't place it, and IMDB is no help because it's none of those things on that list, or if you're a Supernatural fan.  William is this ghost to the world.  Not in the incorporeal sense, but more in the sense that he is reclusive and hard to find.  He is known for posting information on aliens and how he was abducted and implanted with a device that lets him be controlled.  He also can't sleep for long, is in constant pain, and apparently he can't die while the implant is in him.  The immortal aspect is tested a lot in the "present day" scenes from the movie.

The past scenes are of an attempted documentary a blogger (I guess) named Joe that William contacts.  Everything from this time line is shown through the eye of the camera lens.  The two lines meet during a raid of William's house by some group that must be the government.  Maybe it's Scully's leather jacket motorcycle riding evil doctor twin in charge of it?  I want to believe.

Post raid, all the scenes are of William being tortured but surviving without much of a scratch.  Pre-raid ends up catching a UFO crash, the capture of an alien body, and then paramilitary raid.  Let me just say, these military people are dumb as fuck because there is some slime all over things, and people are just touching it with their bare fingers.  You don't know what that is!  It could be that the alien felt like rubbin' one out on that truck door!  You don't know that alien's fetish for a 2010 Dodge truck!

The ending was okay, so for once I'm not going to spoil it on here as this was a pretty middle of the road movie.  It could be worth a watch if you want.  Although, there are far better alien abduction horror movies that exist.  I would suggest watching Fire in the Sky or The Fourth Kind if you want an alien scare fest as both are supposedly based on real events, and putting something in the possibility of the real world always makes it scarier.

I give Ejecta 3 kind of sexy alien butts out of 5.

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