Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day 16: Some Kind of Hate (2015) 1h 22min

"Well there's some kind of love, and there's some kind of hate.  The maggots in the eyes of love won't copulate..."

The Misfits song is way better than this movie.  Some Kind of Hate is a collection of 20-somethings posing as misguided teenagers that are sent to the Minds Eye Academy camp.  It's run by some new age guy who looks about the same age as the "teens."

We follow a (grown ass man) teen named Lincoln who is the ultimate broken home/disenchanted white youth.  He gets bullied, even at the camp, and eventually ends up running into a basement and accidentally summoning the spirit of a girl that was bullied to death but the death was covered up as a suicide.  If the ghost girl has any damage done to her by herself or others show up on the other person's body.  It actually ends up that she's responsible for a string of "suicides" over the years at the camp.  She sucks super hard.

It's like an angsty and violent Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter lashing out in misguided ways, including attacking innocent people on her kill spree.  Eventually Lincoln stops with the girl but Lincoln's camp love starts utilizing her.  From here is where the spirit pretty much kills everyone until Lincoln realizes he can hurt her by hurting himself.  So he sets himself on fire and tackles her.  There are some terrible CGI flames here that go sideways because nobody paid attention to the fact the real flames were going up like normal flames do.  Lincoln dies, the camp girlfriend lives, and 30 seconds into the credits we're treated to another girl getting the offer of help from the ghost.

I was tempted to just turn this movie off and cut my losses.  I was actually doing work stuff outside of work, that's how dumb this film was.  I did make some awesome pork chops just before starting the movie, so those were definite marks in the plus column... just not in relation to this movie.

I give Some Kind of Hate 0 Misfits crimson ghosts out of 5:

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