Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 17: Proxy (2013) 2h 2min

I'm not sure why this is in the horror section on Netflix. It was much less a horror movie and more of a thriller.  Not the good kind of Thriller where zombies dance and there's Vincent Price, but rather the kind of thriller that lead to me taking an esoteric journey into the mind in hopes of finding more than there really was.

I found myself looking beyond the face value of the film just revolving around four people that become connected via their interpersonal relationships in regards to one of the characters.  Each one of these people is in serious need of relationship counseling, coping skills, and proper psychological treatment.  The story doesn't really go beyond that point.

So I found myself, about an hour into Proxy, trying to find hidden meanings.  Was this a tale of creation and destruction, with how the time is spent in between those events?  Is it a dark metaphor of how we all crave attention differently?  It was like I was given a child's puzzle and completed it, but swore there was more than just the picture of kittens.  As if outside the boarders there was a deeper darkness or meaning waiting.

It came to the point where, if I could truly find what this film was meant to tell me, it would grant me a personal epiphany and be akin to seeing the face of god... and it would be weeping.

Weeping that this film exists and claimed two whole hours of my life.  That I became so disconnected from the story, the characters, and the almost Palahniuk-esq attempts at shock, I had to journey into my own mind to justify this moment of my life.  This film kidnapped me and attempted to make me their Patty Hearst...

...but I survived.  And in my survival I get to tell you Proxy is awful and gets NEGATIVE 5 memes out of 5.

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