Saturday, April 16, 2016

Day 18: Hayride 2 (2015) 1h 32min

So once again I roll a sequel to a film that I hadn't seen the previous installment(s).  Luckily for me it seems like this movie probably came up short in the editing procedure and they spliced in a ton of stuff from the first movie so I got a good idea of what the back story was.

Apparently this town has a legend of a murderer named "Pitckfork," aptly named because his murder weapon of choice is said farming implement.  Pitchfork himself looks like Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part 2.  He's an oversized man wearing a burlap sack as a mask and he apparently can not be easily harmed by conventional weapons.  So in short, he's a cliché.

The film picks up right where I assume the first leaves off.  Pitchfork is unconscious in an ambulance, wakes up, killing begins.  The people from the first movie are all at the hospital where Pitchfork ends up (even though the ambulance was a ways away from there).  He kidnaps the one girl, fucks up another dude, kills a bunch of people, and the manhunt begins.

The detective(?) and the brothers in this film track him to his not-so-secret basement, free the girl, and there's a good nod to Nightmare On Elm Street.  One of the brothers that was scared of the legend of Pitchfork tells Pitchfork that he's no longer afraid of him.  It's much like where Freddy looses his power because Nancy says she is not afraid and takes back every bit of power she ever gave him.  At this Pitchfork was shot by the other brother and the house burns down while the heroes escape.

Following the general rules of a slasher movie, we're treated to an ending where everyone thinks everything is okay but Pitchfork steps into the last shot. I don't really care if they make a Hayride 3.  If they pick up the third exactly from that point as it seemed that they did from Hayride 1 to Hayride 2, then it could be interesting.  But I will never know as I won't watch it.

This film started okay and had promise, but once it got to the hospital stuff with Pitchfork it became a drone of forced kills and bad plot.  A majority of this movie is definitely re-recorded and overdubbed dialogue.  It's the same words syncing with the lips, but the audio gives it away.  Pitchfork is pretty much just a redneck Jason.  I was looking at IMDB's page for this movie and apparently owner of the house the pictures are from hid a rebel flag in the background of a shot and the writers decided to make it cannon that Pitchfork was a racist and then ran with it.  So much to the point that our only black man in the film Pitchfork attempts to hang in a lynching style.  It felt unnecessary.  This series feels unnecessary.

I give Hayride 2, 1 weird pitchfork farmer clip art pics out of 5:

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