Monday, April 25, 2016

Day 27: Alien Abduction (2014) 1h 25min

See the credit "original concept by" at the end of this film is kind of laughable because Alien Abduction is a combination of films that have definitely been done before and done better.  This isn't to say that it's all bad but it was definitely not great.

Alien Abduction is a "found footage" film where what you see is all from the camcorder of an 11 year old autistic boy.  This camcorder must be the most expensive one you can buy because they didn't even try to make it have any kind of filters to make it seem like it was anything less than a real movie camera.  This camera also somehow functions in the cold blackness of space at one point, does not burn up upon reentry into the Earth's atmosphere, and survives falling and crashing into the ground all while still recording.  This is the kind of camcorder that would be handed down to man by Greek gods!

Set in Brown Mountain, N.C... yes, Brown Mountain....  The amount of poop jokes made at the expensive of the location were great.  Brown Mountain apparently has UFO light anomalies and strange things happening to people.  You would think the family in this movie would have thought to research where they're going to camp and seen some of this.  I can't fault them though.  Something like this would kind of be a selling point for me to go camp there.

As expected, alien encounters occur and family members are picked off one by one.  The aliens also have the power to throw and make it rain dead birds.  They are apparently three year olds.  The aliens though are mostly shown through brief jump scares and it works well.  I jumped.  It scared me.  Successful jump scare accomplished.  Aside from these though it wasn't keeping my attention though.  It did feature the song "smell yo dick," which is a real song.  It exists and has a video.

There's a backwoods redneck that pops up and helps them, then he's sucked into space after being broken in half.  All of the family gets sucked up.  The camera films a bit in the ship before it's shot out of a tube and somehow has enough force to jettison it right back to Earth.  Maybe the ship was just at the top of the atmosphere to allow for gravity to effect it.  I don't know.  Camera of the gods!

Overall, this film gets some points for the aliens, but loses more because it's nothing I haven't seen before.  I like a good "found footage" film, but there are too many that are just not worth the time.  If you want to see a scarier alien film then I would suggest watching The Fourth Kind, or Fire In the Sky.  I think I might have mentioned both of these before, but that's because they're worth it.

I give Alien Abduction 1 Alan Rickman from Galaxy Quest out of 5:

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