Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 28: Bad Milo! (2013) 1h 25min

Ken Marino, Patrick Warburton, Kumail Nanjiani, Stephen Root, and the guy that played "Karl Hungus" from the Big Lebowski come together in this horror-comedy film.  You know if Karl Hungus is in it then it's probably going to be okay.  That's about it, okay.  Not great, not bad, but somewhere in between, where I don't mind the fact I watched it, but I probably won't watch it again.  Although I might suggest it to people if they like The State, or any of those people, or fart/poop jokes, or ever wanted to see Ken Marino screaming on a toilet a lot.  Different strokes for different folks...

The overall plot of Bad Milo! is that Ken Marino has been having issues with stress that have caused him stomach issues.  The stomach issues end up being some sort of demon creature (which has the best fake Mayan illustration) which will escape Ken's ass to kill the person that was causing him the stress and then return to his ass cavern.  The attacks get chalked up to "rabid raccoon attacks."

Ken eventually develops a friendly relationship with Milo to attempt to keep him from killing certain people but toward the end it all goes to fuck.  I'm not going to go into the details of it because this is one of those films that you might want to watch, at least once, just to see it.

Bad Milo! isn't overly funny.  It's mostly poop and fart jokes mixed in with awkward self esteem jokes and annoying family issues.  There is a part where multiple dildos are used as throwing weapons, but I'm leaving it like that.

I give Bad Milo! 2.5 fake dog poops out of 5:

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