Thursday, April 28, 2016

Day 30: Buck Wild (2014) 1h 36min

First, let me say that since this is day 30 that this is the last film for this run.  I'm going to do one recap post and then take 30 days of nights back to myself.  So episode two of 30 Days of Plight will start in June 2016! GET HYPED!  Then stay hyped for a month!

I love zombie movies.  The problem with zombie movies though is that they suddenly blew the fuck up and now every chucklefuck makes a zombie movie.  Although at this point, I think we're out of monsters.  vampires hand their time, zombies won't die (pun actually intended), mummies are all pissed because their tomb or treasure was messed with, there can be only one Frankenstein's monster, aliens, Lovecraft, giant monsters, all being done to fucking death and not in super creative ways.

Tangent aside, Buck Wild is your typical horror-comedy redneck zombie movie, although they did jazz up some of the characters.  Mainly one that is supposed to be from New York, have a fuck ton of guns, and practices martial arts naked.  The other main characters are the deceitful best friend who has been sleeping with nice guy's girlfriend of six years, and a guy that just looks like Daniel Radcliffe's portrayal of Allen Ginsberg from Kill Your Darlings.  Although I would much rather see Daniel Radcliffe shirtless... what? Who said that?  Look over there!

The one great creative thing they did was at one point a plate of weed brownies were smashed in a zombie's face and after he ingested some he kind of became a regular stoner.  He went and watched TV, was able to have a deep and meaningful conversation with one of the guys, then sobered up and went back to just being a zombie.  There were also some good laughs in it, such as the fake hunting TV show "Fuckin Huntin" that started the local "bad ass" and his group.  Also, I think the outbreak starts when the ranch owner gets attacked by a fake animal that he says is a chupacabra but looks like a weird mange dog/beaver/opossum, but I don't recall it being clearly defined as that.

I give Buck Wild 2 chupacabras out of 5:

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