Sunday, June 19, 2016

Day 10: Beneath (2007) 1h 22m

Probably the only thing that causes my body to clench, aside from seeing "A Syfy Original," is seeing "MTV movie."  So after seeing this I sat on my couch and braced for impact.  Luckily the plane righted itself and I was treated to a comfortable flight.

Beneath reminded me a bit of Twin Peaks.  Our main gal pal tends to have "black out" episodes where she continually returns to the same section of the house she used to live in.  She also sketches things from this dreams or moments and during the course of the film they start to sync up with real life events.  How does this remind me of Twin Peaks?  The continuous return made me think of the red room Agent Cooper kept going to in his sleep.  At one point I expected the girl in the scene to turn around and talk backwards.  The sketches don't relate but it's part of the story.  I'm writing a blog, not a dissertation.

Christy, our main character, returns home after being put in a mental treatment facility.  At age 14 Christy caused an auto accident that lead to her sister being trapped in the car and then burned by the car catching fire.  I have no clue why the car caught fire... or more specifically why the back seat caught on fire, before being engulfed in flames.  Her sister lived but was disfigured and receiving treatment from her boyfriend/local big shot hospital doctor.  Eventually her sister dies and Christy freaks out at the funeral home after hearing her sister and screams about her being alive.  This sets the plot as Christy believes her sister was buried alive.  You know what?  She was kind of half right but not really!

My chief complaint is that this movie blows it's load too early and you figure out what is actually going on.  On the plus side, this movie's pacing was so fast that time flew by while watching it.

I give Beneath 2 sketches of a rad dog out of 5:

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