Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 13: At the Devil's Door (2014) 1h 31m

While recapping this film to my fiancé, I explained it as a slow hand job where they don't finish you off; it would be better if they just sped up a bit, and you're totally let down by the "ending."

At the Devil's Door jumps a bit between two time lines.  One time line is the modern day and revolves around one woman and then, later, her sister.  The other is set in the past and involves a teenage girl going to some form of something, I'm not sure.  He might have been a psychic, or a satanist, or just a shitty stage magician talking out of his ass.  Either way, he tells her that she has been chosen and to say her name at a crossroads so "he" knows it when he calls her.  In this case "he" means the devil.

Early on we're treated to some creepy quick or out of focus shots of the devil.  There's one that is a jump scare where we get the best look.  I wasn't impressed.  I've seen enough weird anime to know he's gonna be like some muscle bear or something.  Bara satan!

The girl in the past kills herself and we get a ghost/demon possessed version in the present.  The devil kind of jumps from her to the later sister and impregnates her and puts her in a coma so she carries the baby to term.  This is a huge jump in the story but the movie was really not telling me anything interesting.  We do a jump to six years later, the sister goes to her demon daughter's adopted family's home (that's too many adjectives/possessive nouns) to call satan out on his shit.  Literally, she's sitting with a six year old and saying stuff like "I know who you really are!"  She then chases the girl with a knife but in the end takes her as her daughter and they leave.  I can't really explain it because I checked the fuck out a while ago with this film.

This movie might be okay, but I stopped caring to see anything good in it.

I give At the Devil's Door 1 devil from Legend out of 5:

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