Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day 19: Creep (2014) 1h 17m

I think that if you ever go to a cabin, way deep in the woods, no matter how nice it is, if there's a brand new axe sitting in a stump outside then that's your sign that your shit is gonna get wrecked.  Also if Mark Duplass keeps jumping out at you all day, you're gonna get wrecked.

So Netflix felt that I didn't have enough shaky-cam faux real life films and gifted me with 2014's Creep.  Creep is not only written by Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice, but they are the only two actors in it.  Also, this is supposedly the first of a trilogy.  Nothing against Mark and Patrick, but this film didn't really make me want to watch two more.

The premise is simple enough: Mark hires Patrick to come and film him during the day.  Mark says he has a tumor and wants to have a video of himself for his unborn child in case he doesn't survive.  Mark seems a bit off from the start but you kind of chalk it up to one of those "I'm gonna die so every second is precious" type mentalities.

Over time Mark gets weirder and weirder to Patrick, who stays way longer than he ever should have.  After a confrontation between the two we loose the camera shot and the film seems done.  Instead we shift the focus of the camera over to Patrick who explains what happened and continues a video diary of all the crazy shit Mark keeps sending him such as a DVD of Mark digging a fake grave, or a locket with their pictures and initials.

The rest of the film continues with this until the "whatever" ending.  I'm kind of done doing this review, and I'm kind of done with this film.  I'm not saying it was badly done, it was just boring and not super original.

I give Creep 2 copies of The League out of 5:

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