Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 22: Visions (2015) 1h 22m

Did you ever see that one Sandra Bullock movie?  She only made one movie, right?  For real though, did you ever see Premonition?  I did, the ending was hilarious but the rest of the movie was a bucket of fuck.  So why am I talking about Premonition when the heading up there says "Visions?"  It's because Premonition kind of had the same premise, but it was done better.  I feel dirty after saying that.

Visions revolves around a woman who moved with her husband from L.A. to a vineyard a year after she was in a car accident.  Once present in the vineyard she starts to see crazy things such as a person in a hood or wine bottles explode when those things aren't happening.  Juggling these weird visions and her pregnancy makes her eventually leave the house for her safety.  Her husband and her doctor (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) chalk it up to hormones, as a man does...

Eventually everything starts to click and the visions were from one specific night in which something terrible was going to happen.  She realizes that it's that night but it's after she has returned to the house thinking her husband was going to leave with her.  Two friends enter the house under the pretense of the female's water having broke and she won't make it to the hospital in time.  The truth is that the laboring woman is actually the woman in the other car from the accident I mentioned above.  Her baby died in that accident so she tracked down our main woman, found out she was pregnant, and then planned to cut the baby out and steal it.  Chalk it up to hormones?

This leads to a sweet throat cutting scene where the crazy lady gets killed.  That was the high point of the film.  Everything else was kind of lame.  There is a bunch of folk magic and fetishes that our main lady keeps finding, but the only explanation to any of it that we get is when she confronts one of the worker's wives and says it's to keep the evil one or dark one away. I can't remember which, but our lady makes that face/head tilt a dog does when you ask him something and he has no fucking clue what you said.  I feel that way after watching this movie too.  A perpetual state of "whaaaaaaaa?"

I give Visions 1 adorable pug doing the head tilt out of 5:

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