Friday, June 17, 2016

Day 9: Day Watch (2006) 2h 12m

I fell like Netflix needs to add a disclaimer before sequels that states that something has a predecessor.  Sure, things with numbers such as Friday the 13th Part 3, or Halloween 2, let you know that you're skipping ahead, but a little help sometimes would be good.  Especially since I really wish I would have seen the first film in this series to understand everything a bit better.

Day Watch is the sequel to the Russian horror film Night Watch.  I'm sure you're saying "no shit" to that tidbit, but I felt the need to say it.  Aside from the absurd length of this (being that it's a modern film), my chief complaint was just that I was treated to a wonderful recap of Night Watch all in English, but then all of Day Watch was in Russian.  With the subtitles for this film taking on some playful and artistic twists, I wish the whole thing would've been in Russian with English subtitles.  Maybe I'm being nitpicky while looking for something to complain about.

The overall world was set in a combination of our reality mixed with magic and supernatural creatures.  I hesitate to use the term "vampire" here (even though the film does) because they aren't your run of the mill vampires.  I really need to watch the first film to get the whole story.  What I do know is that there is a sense of "light" and "dark" within the two vampire groups and each patrols the other.

As for the magic, there are your typical witch characters, but also a story of the Chalk of Fate which takes an eventual center stage.  With the Chalk one is able to change events and rewrite history... with some small restrictions.  The story telling of the Chalk is one of my favorite parts of the movie becauseit could have been ripped from any Mike Mignola comic.

I know this review is shorter than most.  Truthfully I feel I need the whole story.  If I sat through a 2+ hour movie, in Russian, then just know it was a good film.  Not quite in my top tier, but a good film nonetheless.

I give Day Watch a solid 3 Gorbachev birth marks out of 5:

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