Friday, January 27, 2017

Day 12: #Horror (2015) 1h 41m

I'm just old enough that when I was young I still got to enjoy the tail end of after school specials.  I wasn't old enough though to really understand them.  At four they're less "after school" and more "background noise while playing He-Man."  With this film I didn't know if it was trying to be more of an after school special or one of those ill informed films for paranoid parents.

#Horror follows a group of spoiled tween girls while they basically Instagram their dumb time hanging out with each other.  Some real life in-group bullying happens, then it kind of goes online (although everyone is still pretty much together) until one of the girls is kicked out of the house and she wanders the wilderness like some fucking wild animal.  Her dad comes after a phone message and scares the shit out of all the girls.  Then the girls begin to get killed while all being live streamed or having photos of their corpse uploaded.

This movie was trash.  It felt like it was done by someone so disconnected from the use of social media that they made a lot of choices based solely on what they thought tween/teens did with social media. They keep trying to throw in assumed elements of social media on the screen but it just looks like some sort of "my first Geocities page: circa 1993."  Also, for a film using a hashtag in its title, it would misuse them when putting them on the screen.  A hashtag is not quotation marks, you don't put #killer#!!  That doesn't work!  Seriously!  It's like someone's unhip mom went to Wal-mart and bought the bin full of emoji pillows for their child because their kid texts a lot.

I give #Horror 0 poop emojis out of 5:

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