Friday, February 24, 2017

Here's the deal...

So I've been doing this for blog for just over a year.  While I've tried to maintain as close as I can to a 30-day run, I've dropped the ball heavily with this cut... which started back in December.  On top of that, I've been getting away from doing my actual Netflix watching and doing other horror films to fill the gap.  While I don't mind doing an extra or special one now and then I feel that I've strayed from what I initially wanted this to be.

So what does this mean?

What this means is that I'm going to end this cut now, and then I'm going to take this blog back to the lab and work out what I want to do with this.  So I'm not quitting this idea, I'm looking to see what I need to do so I get more consistent content, and what content do I want to put on here.  Horror is definite.  That will never change.  I just have some ideas I would like to kind of bring into this and see what works best.

I'm not going to take too long.  Probably two months (so back around May) at most to figure this out.  So bare with me during this time.  I hope you'll come back once I start posting again.  You can follow the blog on Facebook where I'll be letting people know that we're up and running again.

Thanks for understanding (hopefully).

- 30 Days of Plight

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