Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Updates from the lab...

Hello from the 30 Days of Plight lab!  So, much like Herbert West, I'm looking to reanimate this blog.  I have come up with a new and more structured set-up.  So here's how it's going to run:

Sunday thru Thursday will continue the typical 30 Days of Plight structure with the random movies from Netflix and reviews from that.

Friday is going to be kind of a grab-bag day.  I plan to use it for reviews on films I may have seen in the theatre or at a film festival, books I've read related to horror, horror themed toys, horror video games, things like that.  I hope this will keep me from breaking up the regular posts but also give me that decent break to talk about something else horror related.  This also gives me a day at the end of a cut to do a recap.

Saturdays are going to be nothing.  I scheduled a day off.  I'm my own boss!

So right now I'm in the process of doing small graphical updates that will be up and running by the time the 30DoP 2.0 launches which will most likely be May 7, 2017.  It's then because I know I have to travel in the next month and I don't want a shitty break in the middle of things.

So with that dear readers, I'll see you in just over a month!