Sunday, May 14, 2017

Darr @ the Mall (2014) 2h 4m

Netflix had a moment of "Remember when you liked that other Indian horror film?  Well now you get this one!"  My reply to Netflix is just "You filthy fucking asshole!"

I'm not sure what Darr @ the Mall is really meant to be.  Apparently there is the Amity Mall, which is built over what was the burned out shell of an orphanage.  An orphanage where a nun burned it down and killed a ton of children with only one child unaccounted for.  This info you don't find out until about midway through the movie.  Initially we just get a bunch of dead security guards, some sort of ghost figure, and the mall management planning a huge party for some superstar.  The superstar does get a song and dance number about piña coladas and how it's like the expensive alcohol of life... if I could side eye this movie from this blog then imagine that's what I'm doing.

I have no clue of the layout of this mall.  There's an ice rink, something like four levels, a huge club/bar, a basement and a bunch of other crap that makes no sense.  Nothing appears to be locked as four random 20-somethings run around the mall despite a sick cyber-goth-steampunk party going on.

The story of this film is just too disjunct or just presented in a poor order.  The acting and cinematography are all good.  I can't fault them for it being a bad film, just a bad story, which once again drags through 2 fucking hours.

I give Darr @ the Mall 2 shopping bag clip arts out of 5:

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