Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday's Choice Cuts: Hisako (from Killer Instinct) figure (Ultimate Source)

I have a lot of toys that are related to horror and/or video games.  A majority of which sit around and look cool.  This Hisako figure sits around and looks badass!

I haven't even played the new Killer Instinct game (as I don't have an Xbone or a computer that could run KI) but as soon as Hisako was announced I was all in on her.  The character moves in that jerky/shaky J-horror style while bending her body in impossible ways and even distending her mouth and elongating her teeth to razor sharp points.  Hisako is known as an "onryō,"  a Japanese spirit that has been pulled back from purgatory in order to extract revenge upon the living.  She fights using her father's naginata.

The sculpting on this figure is fantastic.  It's not so much an action figure though so you can't have cool battles with, say, the Tyrant from the Resident Evil toy line of the 90's, but the pose is awesome.  She comes with two naginatas (one with a ribbon as seen above and one that has tiny orange skulls) as well as a replaceable head so if you want to switch to the razor teeth and elongated jaw.

As I said, I haven't played the game so I didn't buy this as a diehard KI fan.  I bought this more because of my love of J-horror and I haven't regretted it to this day.  And at some point I will be able to play KI and I will pretty much only play as her.  Hisako, you're so dreamy!! <3 <3 <3

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