Thursday, May 18, 2017

They Look Like People (2015) 1h 20m

Rather than jump right in and write a review for this film, I took some space before returning to my keyboard.  It isn't so much that this was some deep and introspective film that changed my perception of the world around me (spoilers: it didn't), but more a combination of "what's this faux artsy crap," mixed with "does this cross a line?"

They Look Like People has a simple premise.  Wyatt's back in town and stays with his old friend Christian.  We find out that Wyatt has been getting messages one his phone about about some other kind of entity that have the ability to look like people.  There is meant to be some war between the humans and this other thing and he is one of the chosen to know about it and see the others.

In truth, Wyatt just is dealing with some form of mental illness which causes him to have these delusions and hallucinations.  We just keep getting dragged around with the concept of "is it real?  Is it just fantasy?... 'caught in the landslide, no escape from reality..."  Dragged because it's very obviously mental illness and there may be about two minutes where you question that before returning to obvious.

This film reminded me of a mix of Mark Duplass' Creep (which I covered previously here) and shitty mumble-core films like Funny Ha-Ha or Mutual Appreciation.  I fucking hate those mumble core films, so with the random scenes in here with barely audible conversations and sock fights... just fuck this film.

Fuck this film too for making the real "horror" here being mental illness.  I very rarely get soap-boxy on this blog.  I mean, I talk about my dick and punching stuff in the dick a lot on here, but...It's a cop out for a writer to just make someone that has a violent tendency or distorted reality have a mental illness.  People live with these diagnoses every day, don't fucking demonize them with your shit ass horror film.  You're not doing anything good.  It's bad and you should feel bad.  Shit dick.

I give They Look Like People 0 bottles of Zyprexa out of 5:

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