Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell (1987) 1h 23m

I can't really do a real review for this one.  It came up in the horror section but it's a combination of old horror film previews (apparently from some sort of cable access show?) mixed in with a plot of zombies watching the previews and some guy with a zombie ventriloquist dummy making bad dick jokes.

The previews were at least interesting.  They tended to group some together by common threads.  So you'd see Texas Chainsaw Massacre backed with Deranged.  Both films were based on the serial killer Ed Gein and actually look similar, minus a giant with a chainsaw.

A few of the other previews have crazy gimmicks added to them where you don't even see much of the film but instead something like a reporter showing up and saying that someone has gone insane while watching the movie.  You get throwbacks to the older horror warnings but instead of the times where they say things like "if you're scared to death then we'll pay for your casket" you get something like a bell cue during the movie so you can turn away from the graphic sex or violence.

Speaking of sex, holy fuck!  There are just naked people everywhere.  One film was pretty much just billed as having tits in 3D.  One of the pairs of tits shown though had some weird inverted nipple hole thing going on.  I don't want to see your weird 3D 70's hide-your-weed-in-there tits!  There was also some sort of film with necrophiliac cult where a bunch of people were naked at the end of it.

There there were a ton of Exorcist rip offs.  It was interesting overall to see just how many films wanted to cash in on something a bigger budget film did, or how many went in the other direction and made absolute randomness.  Racism is also rampant.  People of color depicted as savages and attacking white people.  There was one film named something like Africa: Blood and Gore which looked like a Faces of Death of terrible things that happened in Africa, but it comes across as just "look at how horrible and savage these black people are!!"  Fuck that film ever existing.  It's no wonder shitty racism existed then and still exists.  It's the kind of shit I'd hear about growing up in a small mountain area and people believed that shit.  Now I'm angry again.

It was good though to see some previews for some better known films; Night of the Living Dead, Wizard of Gore, Corpse Grinder, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  I actually forgot I own Wizard of Gore and have yet to watch it until I saw it pop up there.  Maybe on a day off I'll get to that.

So, as I said, I can't review a collection of previews with some shitty skits in between.  The skits would get a one just for juvenile behavior, but that's it.  I would say that overall Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell is worth watching if, for nothing else, you want to see some horror history.

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