Sunday, August 6, 2017

Stung (2015) 1h 27m

In nature, there are two kinds of assholes: Canadian geese, and wasps.  Everything else is super cool and safe and not a dick to you.  I didn't go to school for any kind of zoology or animal studies, so I'm absolutely the best authority on this kind of info.  Consummate pro-fucking-fessional here.

Stung has the most simple plot.  Wasps fucking hate WASPS... but not the band W.A.S.P. because they have some good songs.  Our setting is a mansion in the middle of wherever that is having a rich white person party to honor someone's father/husband.  On the property are some odd sized and brutal looking wasps that are the size of your hand.  They replicate by stinging something the shortly after that a new one explodes out of the host and is the same size as whatever body they were growing in.  So once people start getting stung then we get human sized wasp things.  They kind of look like Jeff Goldblum as the Fly, but in asshole form.

This movie actually tries and that's what hurts the most here.  Most of the acting is done well.  The giant wasps are good mix of puppets and CGI.  The directing is decent.  However, you're stuck watching a film about mutant wasps.  It's not even B-grade material anymore because these ideas were B-films back in the 50's as the drive-in double creature features.  Them, Attack of the Giant Gila Monster, Tarantula... it was done to death decades ago.

I give Stung 1 wolf pack era Sting out of 5 for trying:

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