Saturday, December 23, 2017

13 Days of Christmas Day 11: A Very Zombie Holiday (2010) 3m 11sec

Okay, I'm taking some liberties with this one as it isn't really a short film per se.  It's listed on IMDB as an "episode" but it's horror and it's Christmas, and if you want to challenge me on this then you can choke on a Santa sack full of dicks.

A Very Zombie Holiday is a 50's style instructional video on how to juggle both the holidays and the possibility of zombies.  Put out by Team Unicorn (an all female geek-focused multimedia team), I'm including it in this horror advent calendar because if you haven't watched it yet then you really should.  If not for the fun factor, then for the educational factor.  This could save your life this holiday!

I loved A Very Zombie Holiday.  I wish they would take this a bit further because I would love to see a horror film with a group of badass 1950's housewives banding together to take on zombies.  Think about it.  The weapons would consist of associated things like irons or sharpened pie plates, they could take "diet pills" before a big battle, and one could use their "hysteria treatment device" to kill a zombie (although that's a stretch for the time period).  Team Unicorn, hit me up!  Let's make this happen!

I give A Very Zombie Holiday 5 ripped Santas out of 5:

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