Friday, February 16, 2018

7th Cut / Final Cut: 240 Movies Reviewed So Far

Once again we wrap up another Cut and I'm looking forward to a much needed break.  I love horror but subjecting myself to boring or just bad films makes me feel like I'm stuck on the Satellite of Love only without quirky robot friends to keep my sanity.  Instead I develop something more akin to Ren & Stimpy's "space madness."

 So what is going on with 30 Days of Plight while I'm taking my break between cuts?  A lot actually:

I'm waiting on an Elgato to arrive so I can do proper streams of horror games over on my Twitch channel which is Twitch.TV/30DaysOfPlight.  I'm looking to do at least an hour or two once a week during this break.  A lot of Friday the 13th The Game will be shown and I'll be announcing those streams on our Twitter and Facebook.

I'm working on a t-shirt design to sell through an online vendor which will hopefully be available at the start of the 8th Cut.

I'm going to start reaching out to try to get some screeners of newer films and once that starts then I'll be doing a "Screener Saturday" once or twice a Cut.

Speaking of format changes, I'm going to be going back to a Monday-Friday post schedule for our regular reviews.  The Sunday-Thursday existed because of my previous work schedule but being that I'm Fun-employed for the time being I can go back to a normal set-up.  What does this mean about my Friday's Choice Cuts?  I haven't been avoiding them, there just hasn't been a lot I've come across that I've felt like talking about.  More than likely I'll just shift these to open Saturdays or maybe I'll keep them for a second post on some Fridays.  They're kind of nebulous at this point.

Finally, we will return for not only our 8th Cut but also our 2 Year Anniversary on Monday, March 26th.  If you have any suggestions for anything related to the site or just want to reach out and say "hi" you can contact or catch me at any of the following:

Facebook: 30daysofplight
Twitter: 30daysofplight
Instagram: 30daysofplight
Twitch: 30daysofplight

You get the point.  So thank you for reading and I'll see you all again on March 26th.  So until then, I'll be right back...

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