Friday, October 26, 2018

Tokyo Zombie (2005) 1h 43m

I picked this film up at the one, and only, horror convention that has happened here in New Orleans since we moved here almost seven years ago.  You would think that New Orleans would have more horror stuff but mostly it's just lame Anne Rice shit.  Anyway, Tokyo Zombie has been on my to-watch list even prior to owning it.  I just never had the chance to get a copy of it until then, and then it sat on my shelf since then as well.

I will never feel bad about my
comics ever again.
Based off of a manga, I can only describe Tokyo Zombie as a live-action anime if they were still trying to make it as anime as fuck.  The film itself is actually broken into two sections.  The first half focuses on Fujio and Mitsuo, two guys that spend most of their time fucking around on mattresses with Mitsuo teaching Fujio jujitsu.  Outside is a large pile of buried trash (and bodies) known as Black Fuji for it's immense size.  When zombies begin to come out of it and eat people our duo decides to take their work truck and attempt to flee to Russia.  Instead Mitsuo gets "bit" and throws himself off a bridge and into the river below.  We're given a brief animated segue where we learn that the world has become this strange Hunger Games-esq land of upper class and slums and the only way to gain a measure of respect was in a zombie fighting arena.  Fujio uses his learned jujitsu to decimate his zombie opponents until he finally has to face off against a "zombie" Mitsuo.  Also there is apparently some strange revolution or Mad Max style raiders that exist here too.

Tokyo Zombie felt like I was watching a Japanese game show.  There were a lot of moments where the humor tried to be too absurd and you're expected to laugh along but it just didn't reach me.  The only solid comparisons I could give would be if you take Kung-Fu Hustle and put the Three Stooges as the main characters.

Now that I've said that, I'm okay with Tokyo Zombie, but that's it.  Just okay.  I'm concerned that I came into this expecting something else though so rather than complain about how this wasn't what I wanted I'm just going to say that I plan to revisit this again at another point and give it a fair shot now that I know what I'm getting into.  So I'm going to do something different here and I'm going to suspend my rating of this film.  In the future I will re-watch it and give it an honest go.

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