Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Nothing like forgetting that I've been doing podcasts now to make me forget to promote it on my actual webpage!  You can find us on Podbean, Stitcher, and iTunes currently and we have three episodes up!  If you want to jump straight into listening from here we have the Podbean site here.

In our most recent episode we cover 1996's From Dusk Till Dawn!  Otherwise I'm going to start posting a link for each episode on here as well.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

technical difficulties (read as: I'm not happy with the episode) are causing me to re-record and push back episode 1 until next Wednesday. Stay tuned for episode 1 pod racing to follow.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

We're back! And in Pod form!

In the words of Dr. Dre, "...I've been in the lab with a pen and a pad tryin' to get this damn label off."  So I apologize for the long break but the time has come for a big announcement:

Over the last few cuts I've found it hard to maintain the motivation to keep up with the intense schedule of watching and reviewing 5+ films a week.  No matter how I tried to restructure my work schedule for this website, it was constantly burning me out by the end of it.  In addition to that, my general life schedule just isn't allowing for that kind of madness anymore.  So once 2019 started I was a bit unsure of where to go with 30 Days of Plight.  I had some plans, but felt that I was dragging my feet too much.

With that said, I finally settled and got my shit together and we're changing formats in more ways than one.  The biggest of which is going to be that 30 Days of Plight is becoming a weekly podcast!  This website is still going to exist and I'll be linking the podcasts onto here as well as any other content I do but as far as reviews go, there will no longer be any straight up written reviews.

Right now I'm in the process of getting set up with iTunes and Sticher and everything else but for the moment I'm hosting the podcast on Podbean. Episode 0 is out right now which is just a quick intro to the podcast before I start uploading episodes in mid-February.

My plan is to release an episode every Wednesday at that point with an occasional extra episode here and there. 

So there it is!! Once again, sorry for the wait but it'll be better, trust me...